A shed can be quite handy for your operations, whether you are looking to use it for storage purposes, as a workshop, or to protect your vehicles and equipment. Imagine if your shed was mounted on containers, meaning you can also use the containers for even more storage and workshop space.

Container Domes Australia have you covered with their container shed products. Our ContainerShed™ line can be used for a variety of purposes, suitable for industrial, mining and rural applications. If you need to keep your equipment or tools safe from the weather, trust in our Australian made product for a superior storage solution that is built to last, and comes with a 10 year structural warranty.

Customisable Storage Solution

Our product is fully customisable to better serve your storage requirements. Whether you need a shed to store heavy machinery in or a fully enclosed workshop setup to increase your workspace, each ContainerShed™ can be built to suit your individual needs.. We can outfit our container shelters with end walls, lighting, and even security measures. Our company happily accepts requests for more specific customisations, although we do have stock standard sizes that may suit your requirements

We have standard sizes in stock – 6m x 6m, and 12m x 12m – or we can custom make from 3m wide to 17m wide. ContainerShed™ is made with Colorbond® sheeting and flashing in your choice of colour. ContainerShed™ is available in roof only as standard, or roof with end wall.

Why is ContainerShed™ the best hard roof container shelter available?

We offer a quality product that is modular in construction; something that can be tweaked further to serve whatever purpose you deem fit.

No matter what the reason you need a container shelter for, we assure you that our product is up to the challenge. Our product boasts the following features, which you will certainly find useful:

6m x 6m ContainerShed™

Tick 2   Easiest Installation

No purlins needed and easy to read assembly steps mean a quick and safe installation.

Tick 2   All ContainerSheds™ are Cyclone Rated and Engineer Certified

That’s right! Every shed is engineer certified to wind region C (cyclonic).

Tick 2   Unique Easy-Sleeve Connection System

Our easy-sleeves mean a simple stress free install, and extra strength where it’s needed.

Tick 2   More Extras

End walls, extra height, doorways, lighting, solar, container modification – you name it!

Tick 2   Easily Relocatable

All of our shelters provide permanent weather protection, yet are easily relocatable.

Tick 2   Australian Made

Australian designed and manufactured using Aussie steel, and Colorbond® sheeting.

Tick 2   End Walls

You can add one end wall, or end walls both ends, even add openings or doorways.

6m x 6m ContainerShed™ with end wall

Check out our brochures for details: