Dome Add-ons and Extras

If you want to boost the potential of your Dome Shelter or ContainerShed™, consider these additions and how they can benefit you:

Tick 2   End Walls

  • Fully enclosed or partial end walls
  • End walls with doorway/s

Tick 2   Container Modifications

  • Shelving
  • Workshop
  • Office
  • Storage
  • Whirly birds

Tick 2   Solar kits and backup generators

  • Container mounted or skid mounted
  • Power your workshop
  • Power lights, tools etc
  • Power CCTV and security lighting
  • Computers and office equipment etc.

Tick 2


  • LED high bay lights
  • Security lighting

Tick 2   CCTV Systems 

  • Powered by solar
  • Remote access from your computer

Tick 2   Concrete Slab

Tick 2   Gutters

Tick 2   Branding on your Dome Shelter Cover


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