Tunnel Borer Machine – Container Domes Project

Container Domes Australia has completed the design and construction on a set of container mounted shelters to cover a customer’s Tunnel Borer Machine, and have moved on to the installation stage.

Tunnel Borer Machine 04

The Domes had to be custom designed to fit over the TBM.

CDA was presented with the challenge of having to install the Domes while the TBM was already located in position, without compromising the safety of all workers involved, and the quality of the end product.

This required CDA to locate and secure the customers containers, then leave site and wait for the TBM to be relocated in position between containers.

CDA’s installation crew could then return to site to begin installation of the framework, all the while meeting the high standards of safety that are required on any coal mining site.

Tunnel Borer Machine 03

Tunnel Borer Machine 01