Tunnel Borer Machine – Project Review

CDA has completed the design, fabrication and installation of Container Domes to cover the customers Tunnel Borer Machine while it is being stored.

The Container Domes provide the perfect weather protection for the TBM, and the containers have also been modified so they can be used to store sensitive parts from the machine.

The TBM, which when in operation is around 130m long, was broken down into four sections. This meant CDA could provide four rows of Container Domes, three 40ft’s and one 20ft long (42m long in total) x 14m wide with an apex height of around 8.5m.

Three rows of containers were hollowed out to create a tunnel, allowing a forklift to lift heavy parts inside for storage.

The 2 end rows of contianers were fitted with roller doors, allowing easy and secure access for storage.



Challenges: CDA had to install the containers, then wait for the TBM to be located in place between the containers before returning to site. This took several weeks as the TBM had to moved in sections approximately 1km from tunnel entrance it had just created, to the storage area. This meant CDA had to install the Container Domes frames and covers while the TBM was in place.

This was a difficult task, but CDA’s team of installers were up to the challenge and were able to complete the installation without any problems that weren’t easily overcome.

Safety: Throughout the entire process CDA was able to meet the very high safety requirements set by the customer.

CDA’s installers were able to safely work with and around other contractors on site with cohesion.

Zero safety incidents occurred throughout the project.

“While the weather was hot as usual in Moranbah, the job was an overall success, and we couldn’t be happier with end result”
Andrew Gaynor CDA installer